Webinar Launch of the World Sufficiency Lab (WSL)


Webinar Launch of the World Sufficiency Lab (WSL)

Date: Thursday June 13, 2024

Time: 12:30~14:00(CET), 19:30~21:00(Seoul)


Sufficiency was identified by the latest IPCC report on climate mitigation as a major pillar to decarbonise the global economy. However, sufficiency is overlooked in climate policies and modelling. 

Against this background, the World Sufficiency Lab was established in February 2024 with the aim of mainstreaming the sufficiency concept at international, regional, and national levels. The ultimate target is to build a global sufficiency community that will ensure SUFFICIENCY is considered FIRST in policy and business decisions. 

This webinar is the first of a series of webinars organised by the World Sufficiency Lab in collaboration with the World Resources Forum and hosted by Sciences Po’ Chair on Sustainable Development.


David NESS (WSL co-founder)


Diane SIMIU (Climate Change Director at the French Ministry of the Energy Transition)

<Presentation of the WSL web platform and work programme by WSL team>

Yamina SAHEB (WSL co-founder)

David NESS (WSL co-founder and Urban Areas Programme Lead)

Valentin STUHLFAUTH (Mobility Programme Lead)

Katia Dayan Vladimirova (Clothing Programme Lead)

Pierre NORO (Digitalisation Programme Lead)

<Round Table Discussion on regional/national sufficiency hubs>

Emanuele Di FRANCESCO (Moderator, Head of communications at World Resources Forum / Geneva, Switzerland)

Jane LOMAX-SMITH (Lord Mayor of Adelaïde / South Australia, Australia)

Claire ROUMET (Leader of EU policy and Strategic Partnerships at Energy Cities / Brussels, Belgium)

Lisa RICHMOND (Founder of Climate Strategy Works LLC, and a Senior Fellow with Architecture 2030 / Seattle, USA)

Jungpil LEE (Director of the Energy Climate Policy Institute (ECPI) / Seoul, South Korea)

<Q&A session>

<Closing remarks>

David NESS (WSL co-founder)

Yamina SAHEB (WSL co-founder)


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